Rethink the way you entertain this summer

Summer is fast approaching, and with it a vast array of holidays and backyard barbeques culminating into numerous opportunities to celebrate and socialize. When I think of how these celebrations traditionally take place my mind is drawn to thoughts of hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as beer and soda. As a host I always want to make my guest feel welcome and provide a plethora of options to meet everyone’s taste. Today that also includes providing several non-alcoholic options. But what about adding flower?

As flower continues to become legal recreationally across the United States and more readily accepted in our society, I think it’s important to keep it mind, as a host, that not everyone wants to drink alcohol, But, that doesn’t mean they do not want to experience a high while partying with friends.

If you currently use flower then there’s good odds your friends do too. But I think the line between those who use and those who don’t is quickly becoming blurred. My husband and I recently attended a social event and as evening approached several of us went to hang out by the outdoor firepit. The subject of cannabis came up and I mentioned that I write a cannabis lifestyle blog. Quickly the questions started to flying. So many people my age are familiar with cannabis and probably smoked it in college, but they really don’t know much about how to use cannabis today, particularly for legitimate medicinal uses, like pain. I’ve noticed ironically, the conversation usually starts when people are talking about how their twenty/thirty something kids are using. Young people today have a much better understanding and acceptance of cannabis because they are growing up in a time when it’s legal.

So back to my original question. As a host how can you provide flower to your guest in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and fun? Let’s take a look.

I think most people still think of smoking flower when they think of getting high, and a backyard BBQ is the perfect venue to do so. I’m the first to admit the smell of weed isn’t very pleasing, and I really don’t want that smell all over my house, and would certainly expect my guests to go outside for that very reason.

But there are so many other ways to enjoy flower socially, and they don’t all contain THC. If you think your guest might turn up their nose then offer a CBD only option, like CBD infused premade drinks or mocktails made on the spot infused with CBD. CBD has the benefit of reducing anxiety and enhancing relaxation without getting you high and provides an excellent alcohol-free alternative for those who are curious, but reluctant to use THC. CBD also dampens the high produced by THC so it might be a good idea to have some available if someone over imbibes. 

Most hosts set up a bar where guests can help themselves and you can certainly provide flower as part of this setup. But I would caution you to be ready to educate your guest about how much to consume if they are using edibles/infused drinks, especially if they are newbies. Another option might include a setup like this where you let guests know cannabis options are available upon request. Smoking provides almost instantaneous sensation, which is nice because you can instantly judge your limits. But the effects of edibles takes an hour or so to kick in and could really pack a wallop if your guest decides to ingest four or five beers in the meantime.

Also, it’s my firm belief that no one should use cannabis and drive, just as no one should drink and drive. As a host this is important, so be prepared to educate your guests and provide ride share, if needed, as guests start to depart for home.

Cannabis is such a rising star in society right now and provides an excellent way for people to laugh and have fun together. After the covid years we could all stand to chill and laugh more. Whether or not you provide flower at your event, don’t be afraid to let your guest know you are okay with flower use and support their option to choose. Have fun this summer.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease. This website contains general information about diet, health and nutrition. The information is not advice and is not a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. You should always get your medical advice from a healthcare professional (HCP) knowledgeable about your individual needs. A competent healthcare professional will provide a comprehensive intake meeting where you review the conditions you want to treat and assess your prescription medications to identify potential contraindications with cannabis.


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